ME-Line pigment treatment

ME Line is the first and only treatment method that specializes in all types of hyperpigmentation. A well-known treatment indication is melasma. ME Line is a treatment method against pigment spots that is offered in a course of treatments. In addition, the method also has a strong skin rejuvenating effect.

The ME Line course consists of two parts:

  1. Three treatments in our clinic with an interval of four to six weeks
  2. A home pack containing five therapeutic ME Line products

Home care

The consistent use of effective products after treatment works in synergy with the treatments. These serums, emulsions or gels have a strong skin brightening effect and are an obligatory part of the treatment concept. The effectiveness of these products have been clinically proven.

ME Line 02 DAY and cleansing foam

The combination of active ingredients contained in this product destroys the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, which is responsible for the production of excess pigment. It dissolves pigment in the epidermis and stimulates cell renewal. It is important to only gently touch the pigment spots and only use the product during the treatment process.

ME Line 02 NIGHT

A concentrated and skin brightening serum for the night. It has a preventive effect on the intracellular action of pigment by blocking certain enzymes. You can apply it all over the face.

ME Line 03 MOIST

A concentrated occlusive serum for moisture regulation and cell regeneration. Complete and fragmented hyaluronic acid molecules restore moisture balance, reorganize the skin, stimulate cell repair and balance blood flow. ME Line 03MOIST ensures that the absorption of active ingredients improves. The serum should always be applied after daily ME Line skin improvement products.


A skin brightening mask to continue the professional treatment at home. The mask contains powerful active ingredients with an antioxidant effect. By using the mask once a week, the treatment result can be maintained for longer.


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ME-line treatment program for entire face

The ME-line is a 3 to 4 months course with which any form of pigment can be drastically reduced. The course consists of two peeling mask treatments and one or two ID (microneedling) treatments and a home package. During home use, the treatment is continued.

Wat kan verwacht worden ná de behandelingen

After the treatments, a flaking skin reaction starts. This can take about 5 to 7 days. In some cases, the pigment may first darken before flaking off. During the flaking process, the skin is extra sensitive to sunlight and direct sunlight is not recommended. An SPF 30+ should be applied several times a day.

The home products contain many brightening substances, anti-oxidants, acids and pigment inhibitors that the skin has to get used to. It is therefore important to build up the treatment slowly so that the skin can get used to it. The microneedling treatment has no side effects. It is important to always protect the skin well with SPF.


After 1 month you will usually notice a significant improvement in the skin condition. After the course, the night product should be used at least twice a week for maintenance. After 8 months, the ME-line can be repeated if necessary.

After the course of treatments it is important to let the skin rest for 3 months before undergoing other treatments such as a peeling or laser. This is to prevent the pigment from being stimulated again by other treatments.