Breast care

Edema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid, resulting from an imbalance between the supply and removal of fluid. This manifests itself in a feeling of tension or engorgement of the skin, a feeling of heaviness and an increase in the size of the body part. This can occur after damage to the lymphatic vessels. This process can lead to unpleasant complaints.

Breast Care - Aftercare for breast cancer

The consequences of breast cancer are often drastic. A lot changes both emotionally and physically. Fluid retention, a tight or stuck scar and problems with the skin are common complaints that can remain after breast cancer treatment. Our skin and edema therapists are happy to help you to remedy or reduce these complaints as much as possible by means of 'mamma care'.

The practice works together with various doctors and specialists from the area, such as Amstelland Hospital, the AMC, the VU,  AVL and the Cancer Care Center. In addition to edema therapy, the therapists at Huidzorg Amstelland also specialize in scar therapy.


During the treatment, various techniques can be used to promote the drainage of the lymphatic fluid. Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling of the limb, feeling tired and/or heaviness, pain and/or limitations in movements and/or limitations in daily functioning. To prevent these symptoms from getting worse, it is important to minimize the lymphatic fluid. With the help of edema therapy, various treatment methods can be used in which the excess fluid can be drained. Use of a compression bandage, lymph tape and elastic stockings are often part of the treatment process.

Sufficient exercise also contributes to a positive course of lymphedema. In addition to the treatment, you will be given exercises that you can perform independently. Lymphedema has a chronic course. Consistent treatment of the edema ensures that the achieved result can be maintained. In practice, Deep Oscilation Therapy (DOT), endermology (LPG) and manual lymphatic drainage are used. These are different techniques in which lymph fluid can be drained through the lymphatic system.

Why edema therapy?

  • The skin becomes less tight and sensitive.
  • Scars become less visible and painful.
  • The size of the edema decreases.
  • The tired feeling and the limitation of movement decreases.

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