Removal of benign spots

Coagulation therapy can be used in the treatment of couperosis and telangiectasia (conspicuous or burst vessels, see also laser therapy), milia (skin bumps), fibroids, (cutaneous warts), age warts, age spots and/or small skin imperfections. We also treat warts with nitrogen.

With cryotherapy (the CryoPen) pigment spots, age spots, age warts and common warts such as foot and hand warts can be removed in an easy, safe and painless way.

Coagulation therapy

A small needle is used during the treatment. The tip of this needle heats up so that the interfering tissue can be specifically coagulated.

In general, this is no longer visible within a few days after the treatment. The number of treatments can vary from 1 to several. Usually 1 or 2 treatments are sufficient. 

When can I be treated?

Coagulation therapy can be used in the treatment of rosacea and telangiectasia (conspicuous or burst vessels), milia (skin bumps), fibroids (cutaneous warts) and/or small skin imperfections. These are common and are usually slightly darker in color. They usually localize in the neck, armpit, décolleté and/or under the breasts.

The skin condition 'Dermatosis papulosa nigra' can also be treated using coagulation therapy. These small dark brown to black raised papules / spots mainly occur in people with pigmented skin. If you are not suitable for coagulation therapy, other forms of treatment can sometimes be chosen, such as laser therapy and/or cryotherapy.


The tissue is treated very precisely with nitrogen, which freezes the affected skin. A few days after the treatment, a scab forms under which new skin is created. 

After 10 to 14 days, the newly formed skin becomes visible. Cryotherapy can be used for age spots, age warts, cutaneous warts and pigmentation spots on the face or on the body. Usually 1 to 2 treatments are required.

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