Laser therapy

In our practice we work with different types of lasers and IPL.

By means of an intake we will discuss which type of laser of IPL we can use. During this intake, your skin therapist will determine whether you are eligible for treatment and provide you with the necessary information. All treatments are performed by our experienced skin therapists who are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) and are registered in the Paramedics Quality Register (KP).

We have the most modern equipment to treat various skin problems, such as excessive hair growth, vascular problems, pigment spots, acne, scars and skin aging. Would you like to know more about the treatments? Then look at our treatment offer at the bottom of this page.

At Huidzorg Amstelland we specialize in treating transgender people.

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There are several factors that influence the development of acne. One of those factors is that the sebum cannot drain properly because the pore in the skin is clogged. The cause of this blockage is an accumulation of old skin cells. The combination treatment of acne peeling or laser treatment is effective for acne. This treatment can be done after the therapist's deep cleansing. Read more

Blood vessels

In our practice we work with the KTP laser and with IPL. The KTP laser emits a highly concentrated beam of light into the blood vessel. The red pigment of the blood (hemoglobin) absorbs this beam of light. The light is converted into heat. This heat destroys the blood vessel wall, so that it visibly disappears. The treatment is based on the absorption of laser light in the pigment of the blood. Read more

Hair removal

Unwanted hair growth in daily life is a big problem for many people. An attempt is made to prevent hair growth by shaving, plucking, waxing or treatment with hormone preparations. With modern laser and light technologies it is now possible to reduce hair growth, without the often painful side effects that traditional hair removal methods entail.  Read more


When treating pigmented spots, the light beam penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the pigmented spot. This absorption destroys the cell and pulverizes the pigment. The body then cleans this up on its own. Treatable pigment spots are age spots or pigment spots on, for example, the face, décolleté, hands and arms. Read more