Endermology LPG

Endermologie is een intensieve bindweefselmassage voor mannen en vrouwen. De behandeling bevordert de doorbloeding van de huid, stimuleert de afvoer van lymfevocht en verzacht verhard (litteken)weefsel.

The treatment is suitable for: stuck fat deposits (panniculosis), lipedema, irradiated skin, muscle and joint pain, trauma scars, stretch marks, skin slackening, after liposculpture or liposuction and cellulite.


Endermology is an intensive connective tissue massage using an LPG device or using the hands. The cylinders of this device pick up a fold of skin and roll it off in slow and regular movements. As a result, the skin, subcutaneous tissue and underlying connective tissue are massaged firmly but painlessly. It is a massage that improves the structure of the connective tissue, promotes blood flow and stimulates the drainage of lymphatic fluid and thus waste products. It initiates a natural process in which fat deposits are broken down and the skin becomes healthy and strong.

Fat and fluid accumulations decrease and the connective tissue structure improves. The formation of elastin fibers and collagen fibers is stimulated, making the skin firmer, more supple, smoother and healthier. An endermology treatment causes a natural process in which fat deposits are broken down and the skin becomes healthier and firmer. You will wear a bodysuit during a treatment of the body. This helps the cylinders glide better over the body and protect your skin. In practice we work with the LPG CelluM6.

An endermology cure can be undergone for a series of 10 treatments. You will be treated twice a week for 1 month. After that, 1 treatment per week for two weeks. To maintain the achieved result, you can come back once a month for a repeat treatment. Before, during and after the last treatment, we always carry out a detailed measurement of your size and skin condition. 

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