Health insurance reimbursements

Acne treatments, laser treatments, scar treatments, edema treatments and facial camouflage therapy are reimbursed annually. With some health insurers, pigment and vascular laser treatments of the face are also reimbursed. A referral letter is sometimes required.

Scars, pigment spots and redness as a result of acne also fall under the reimbursement of acne therapy. The camouflage (and sometimes also treatment) of scars, pigment spots, acne and diffuse redness falls under the reimbursement of camouflage therapy. However, the reimbursement for the treatments may differ and depend on your insurance package. Your health insurer can tell you exactly which rights to reimbursement you have. We have concluded an agreement with every health insurer.

Do you want to know if you are eligible for reimbursement for one of our treatments? Then contact your health insurer.