Camouflage therapy

A medical camouflage treatment consists of making a skin imperfection less visible. Camouflage can be used for various types of skin disorders such as acne, pigment abnormalities, vascular abnormalities, scars, rosacea and rocasea (dilated blood vessels). The care and camouflage of sensitive skin or skin with (open) inflammations.


During the treatment, the correct color is determined and you will receive an explanation about applying and removing the camouflage. In this way, a color difference of the skin can be reduced. The emphasis of the treatment is on learning how to apply the camouflage independently. In general, only 1 treatment is needed. During the summer and winter period, the color of the skin can differ. The camouflage can be adjusted again in such a case.

The practice uses the products of Dermacolor® and Lycogel®. These products contain more pigment than regular products. Moreover, the different colors are easy to combine with each other. The products are ordered for you within the practice. The products are usually reimbursed by your health insurer.

Advantages of medical camouflage

Lycogel reduces complexity by minimizing red or yellow undertones and brightening dark areas. In addition, it reduces the visibility of skin problems that most cosmetics cannot cover. It is suitable for men and women with skin problems such as rosacea, acne, scars, pigmentation disorders and extremely sensitive skin as it improves the appearance and condition of the skin without irritating. The camouflage can also be used on damaged (open) skin. Camouflage therapy is usually reimbursed by your health insurer from your additional insurance.

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